Smooth gearbox (SGB)

It is necessary to draw the attention of automotive manufacturers and manufacturers of lifting equipment to the completion of the development of a new principle of operation of the gearbox and gearbox, in the designs of which a smooth control of the gear ratio without stepped gear changes can be used. The operation of the control panel is based on the meshing mechanism of helical gears. Their minimum number can be equal to two. The proposed principle is implemented on the basis of scientific development and tested in laboratory conditions on real models with obtaining information about the features of the manufacturing technology and operation of the developed structures. The data obtained are sufficient to compare the difficulties of mastering a new technology, the volume of labor costs, as well as the cost of materials for its implementation, with the difficulties associated with the implementation of existing automatic transmissions and manual transmissions. It is possible to assess the complexity of control of the working mechanism on which the corresponding structure is installed.

The completed scope of work showed that the technology of manufacturing, assembly and operation of the control panel, as well as the amount of labor costs and materials are at the level of known designs and do not add additional difficulties and problems. Some reduction in weight and dimensions of the finished structure is expected. The advantages of smooth control of the gear ratio in the entire range of speed change allow you to switch to a car operating mode at constant speed with the achievement of an appropriate economic, technical and social effect.